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Donating to Kumah makes you a partner in our innovative, uplifting, and important work in Israel and throughout the world. Your gift will not only give strength to endeavors already reaching thousands of people but will enable us to cultivate bold new ideas for the future.

Your contribution to the destiny of Israel begins now!

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  1. Kumah’s Captivating “Eye on Zion” Speaking Tours
  2. Kumah’s Radio, Video, and Print Campaigns
  3. Educational and Social Progress Combined with Archeological Preservation Inside Israel
  4. Political Activism

When you contribute today, you will become a part of:

1. Kumah’s Captivating “Eye On Zion” Speaking Tours – On campus and in communities in North American and beyond.

Kumah founder Yishai Fleisher is partnering with communities across North America to share his “Eye On Zion” – up close and personal insights and experience living and working in the land of Israel. Yishai’s approach is engage the public in a respectful and thoughtful dialogue to combat the delegitimization of Israel that expands daily in the media, on campus, and in our communities.

The summer 2010 tour reached 40 venues , sharing ideas and new perspectives with the wide range of people who came to hear the message of Israel from across the political and religious spectrum.

In contrast to the summer Eye On Zion tour, the winter 2011 tour will place added emphasis on Jewish students on college campuses across America. Caught in the ruthless disinformation campaign against Israel, today’s students are in desperate need of help and support in forging a connection to Israel and nurturing their Jewish identities. On campus, Yishai will share with students his insights on life in the Middle East, and will present information about Jewish rights, Jewish pride, and the Jewish future in Israel. The tour will be captured on video to videocast various aspects of the tour all along the way as well as to put into a documentary presentation at the end. Sponsor a portion of our tour, invite us to your community – in North America or any other country in the world. Or, contribute to the cost of vital equipment necessary to bring our message to the world, such as cameras, microphones, lights, laptops, audio equipment, software, etc.

2. A Targeted Multimedia Campaign For Israel

For years, Kumah’s leaders, Yishai and Malkah Fleisher, have built a connection with thousands of fans through their radio shows on Israel National Radio. Now they are bringing viewers a glimpse of real life in Israel with their new “Eye On Zion” videocasts. To expand these efforts, Kumah is organizing to build eastern Jerusalem’s first ever state-of-the-art Jewish audio/video production studio. Your financial assistance is needed to make this unique new program from the Jewish State into a high-caliber production house of video and audio content of a quality able to compete on the international stage of news and opinion in the Middle East.

Yishai and Malkah’s popular show has changed and enhanced the lives of many people, earning new friends and supporters for Israel. Now they take their broadcast to highly-charged eastern Jerusalem, right outside the walls of the Old City. This unique husband-and-wife show charms and challenges listeners as it provides an insider’s look into life in Israel. Covering news, events, and politics, Yishai and Malkah interview high profile figures in Israeli and Jewish life, discuss the Torah portion of the week, and share the amusing and moving episodes from their own lives.

Today, social, political, and educational messaging has to be as entertaining as it is informative and edifying. Our first online movie – the Kumah Matrix flash film got 200,000 hits when it came out 3 years ago (with thousands more in the last 3 years). Since then, our Eye on Zion videos have enabled viewers to witness up close real life in Israel and to become familiar with some of the most important sites to the Jewish people. Now, Kumah is preparing to produce a high quality TV show for syndication, a program which will bring Israel’s message into the living rooms of millions of TV viewers. Furthermore, several short online youth-targeted videos on Jewish and Israeli themes are in the works for distribution on the internet. This program will bring needed balance to the international media conversation on the Middle East engaging outlets like Al Jazeera, BBC, Agence France Press (etc add) in an informed dialogue. The project requires new cameras, computers, graphic design personnel and video editing software to give us the professional edge.

For years, Kumah activists have been publishing articles in major publications in Israel, the US, and around the world on topics pertaining to Jewish life and the centrality of Israel. Kumah founder Yishai Fleisher has gained notoriety as an expert on Israel and Middle East affairs in part due to his prolific writing. Now, he is writing his first book. Yishai will address the challenges of delegitimization and the opportunity of the Jewish people to fulfill the age old dream of Jewish sovereignty in Israel. Your support will help us put together a publishing and promotion team to make sure the vital views presented in Kumah’s founder’s first book will reach and excite the world. What’s more, your support can help us print little-known pro-Israel books, such as Lech Lecha Book Project by Rabbi Mordechai Atiyah which was recently translated as a Kumah project. Bringing scholarly works to the forefront is one more way to reinforce the collective understanding of Israel’s importance and uniqueness.

Kumah’s Aliyah Revolution CD is the first album of its kind. It is a collection of original songs – donated by the artists – to invoke and encourage the yearning for Israel, and it is more popular now than ever before. Supporters are buying them as gifts for family, friends, and colleagues, ordering them online or buying them on the “Eye On Zion” tour route. A follow-up album is in the planning stages to continue sharing the dream of life in Israel. Help disseminate Israel’s message. Whether you’re an academic, techie, music-lover, or revolutionary, be a part of our high-energy, high-impact multimedia campaign!

3. Making An Impact Inside Israel

In conjunction with our powerful international Israel advocacy campaign, Kumah is making strides to better our homeland on the political, educational, and social levels.

Kumah has made its first foray into Knesset advocacy, creating and advocating for the Aliyah Day law.  If passed, the Aliyah Day law will create a national educational day honoring the heroism of immigrants to Israel, and the excitement of the rebuilding of Israel by the Jewish people. We have achieved sponsorship for the law from several political parties, and are working to see it through the legislative process. But this is only the first of our ideas for laws in Israel! In the next months we will be unveiling a campaign to advocate for ground-breaking new legislation in the Knesset which help Israel’s national character shine through. Help sponsor our advocacy efforts as we write and promote new laws and create a new political climate in Israel.

Without a strong base of active young advocates, there will be no Jewish future – in Israel, or anywhere else. We believe in instilling in the young generation a sense of responsibility for the future, and seek to provide the tools necessary to enable them to influence what happens in Israel. Toward that end, Kumah is developing a curriculum and program for educating university, yeshiva, and seminary students in Israel and abroad, in thinking and working for a better Israel. The Eye on Zion tour is already meeting and talking with the bright future leaders of Israel on campuses throughout the United States. Our next stage will provide a supportive framework rich in resources and organizational structure to place these interested students in position to affect their peers and communities. This will include leadership Shabbat programs, training seminars, and weekend retreats in Israel and elsewhere. Help provide young Jewish students with a wealth of information and the means to implement effective activism to support the Jewish state and create a hopeful future for the Jewish people rooted in their heritage and connected to the Land of Israel.

Kumah enthusiasts in Israel come out in droves for our events, concerts, and volunteer projects. One of our most popular and successful programs –the Jewish Holy and Cultural Site Restoration and Rejuvenation Project, has led to the major renovation and restoration of the Tomb of Jesse and Ruth (ancestors of King David), an undertaking which was covered in Israeli media and generated a buzz throughout the Jewish world. With the move of Kumah founders Yishai and Malkah Fleisher to a small Jewish community on the famous Mount of Olives, we will begin focusing on the protection and restoration of tombs on the mountain, which contains the world’s largest and oldest Jewish graveyard. Kumah will also be continuing environmental and beautification projects which bring volunteers together to enhance local neighborhoods and special locations. To make Israel a more welcoming place for its newest arrivals, Kumah will soon be instituting an innovative crash course in Israeli culture, “Cultural Ulpan”. While Israel’s free language classes help spruce up the Hebrew skills of new immigrants, it is sometimes difficult for olim to be initiated into Israeli society. Cultural cues, popular songs, classic movies, famous personalities, and typical Israeli experiences are often missed by new immigrants, who therefore find themselves “out of the loop” on the Israeli cultural scene. A new helpful – and hilarious – course for immigrants (and accompanying videos for those who have not yet arrived) will help to break the mystique and ease newcomers into the fold. Kumah’s fun and exciting social projects enable new Israelis (and visitors) to get their hands into Israel, and to unite with new friends who share their perspective and passion for the Jewish State – be a part of it!

Thank you for your financial support and encouragement! We appreciate your help in all of our exhilarating work, and hope you will be fulfilled and rewarded by your participation in the building of a fruitful and flourishing Israel. If there are other ways you would like to support Kumah, or you have additional ideas for projects, please contact us.

Yishai Fleisher
Kumah Director


Kumah is a recognized 501c3 tax exempt not-for-profit organization. Checks can be made out to Kumah. All donations are tax deductible.