About Kumah and "Building Israel Together"

Kumah is a an organization dedicated to the flourishing of Israel. Through innovative social, multimedia, and advocacy projects, Kumah aims to strengthen the national character of the State of Israel, establish its independence, and aid it in reaching its potential to be a home for the Jewish people, a canvas for a cultural rebirth, and positive catalyst for the Middle East region and the world.

Kumah, which is Hebrew for RISE UP, is a movement passionate about Aliyah (ascent – going up). There are different Aliyahs for different people and they all revolve around a love of Israel. For Jews of the Diaspora, Aliyah means reconnecting with the vision of a homeland that has waited 2,000 years for our return. Aliyah for Israelis means elevating the spirit of our country and getting the most out of the vessel that is the State of Israel. Aliyah for the peoples of the world means throwing off false beliefs and defunct ideologies in favor of a spiritual renaissance with Jerusalem at its center.

Kumah is all about sharing the vision and making it happen – together.  Let us take an active role in shaping our destiny. Indeed, we believe in “Building Israel Together!”

Check out our projects page to see what we are up to and please feel free to contact us today.