Restoration in Hebron

By Yocheved - Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
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Kumah restores & maintains the tombs of Ruth & Yishai in Hevron annually & you can help!

Click here for a video of the 1st major upgrade. You will see how much has already been done to transform and honor this ancient site. It is a great way to connect to the holy city of Hebron and make a lasting impact. King David (the son of Yishai) started his kingdom in Hebron and remained for seven years. The tomb of Yishai and Ruth (King David’s grandmother) is adjacent to the probable location of David’s ancient palace. There is a staircase from the palace wall that is still extant and has been visited by Jews for centuries. Now, as promised, the Jewish people are returning to their home in Hebron and we want it to be beautiful and welcoming to everyone. Join in and help us with upgrades to this special site this year.

1. New Lighting
2. New Grass
3. Maintain and Expand the Flower Beds

Last year we commissioned a special illuminated stone marker (shown below) to place at the site, listing the ancestry of King David (which of course, begins with Ruth, who is buried at the site).

It says: “And Boaz took Ruth to be a wife unto him and she bore a son. And she called his name Oved. And he is the father of Yishai, the father of David.”

This week Kumah calls on all lovers of Abraham (who is buried in Hebron), Jews, Christians, Muslims, spiritual seekers of all paths, to take part in the beautification of the city of Hebron. Avraham is the anchor of everything we believe in, he is the founder of the love of G-d, the belief in the one G-d. This Shabbat Chaya Sara we will be joined by 30,000 visitors on our annual pilgrimage to Hebron to return to our foundations, to be strengthened personally, as Jews, and as humanity. Absolutely everyone can have the honor of giving nachat (parental pride and joy) to Avraham and Sara and also to Adam and Chava (Eve) (who according to tradition are also buried in Hebron). This holy city is the inheritance of all mankind. Let’s join together to give homage to the founders of humanity by caring for the peace & prosperity of Hebron and by making it clean, beautiful, and welcoming to the world.

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