A Right to G-ds Promise

By Michael Berezin - Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010
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As I walk through the modern streets of the Holy City of Jerusalem I can’t help but feel the powerfulness of a nation striving towards a strong dominant future in terms of economy, academia and technology. Let us not forget though what really matters and that is faith, faith in our destiny faith in our heritage and faith in our G-d.

As I reflect back to a Jerusalem that once was I see sprawling arches national pride and a belief in our right to G-d’s country. In this land we celebrated G-d through offerings and song in our temple. We studied the Torah in public and with a confident voice, unlike in the dark cold introverted corners of the eastern European shtetyls. In this time and place we believed and we were optimistic.

It’s hard for the sensible mind to sit back and watch how recent events are unfolding both in Israel and out. Slowly but surely our right to defend ourselves is being taken from us by our immediate enemies and by those who side with them. Our right to this land is still in question. Sadly we continue to promote this with our willingness to cede land to our undeserving enemies. We are so hungry for world acceptance that we have bought into the narrative of what they call “world opinion”.

What happened to that pride that sense of purpose that made all the other nations of the world envious with our relationship with our creator? A relationship that the Greeks tried so hard to extinguish and replace with their Hellenistic celebration of the body and the sword.

They tried so hard to defeat us by replacing our G-d and subjecting us in the process. Without G-d what would we be? I know that we definitely would have no right to this land we call Israel. It’s G-d that tells us that we have a covenant, a guarantee that this land is ours, but only if we walk in his ways and love our fellow man. How hard can it be? Well over 2000 years hard!

What’s missing is our common purpose, our sense of right. Just like the Greeks couldn’t change our beliefs and thus defeat our minds, so we too shouldn’t push those same beliefs of the Greeks amongst ourselves. We should not exchange the soul/G-d for the celebration of the body and materialism. We must not take G-d as well as Jewish destiny out of the equation.

In order to survive we as a people need to figure out more ways to come together. Only through unity and a renewal of national purpose can we ever truly persevere. Everyone of us has the power to make a positive difference towards this goal. The time is now.

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