We are all Settlers and most of us are Zionists

By Michael Berezin - Posted: Monday, May 31, 2010
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Recently several far left groups have been campaigning under the slogan “Settlers aren’t Zionists”. The reason for this provocative and insulting tactic is to sway the average Israeli away and against a passionate, dedicated, and giving community. New clarifications by the Obama administration puts this population at numbers of over 650,000 people, which is over ten percent of the population!

How bittersweet, that on one hand we are growing nicely and thriving as a people, yet at the same time pressure from our progressive liberals both here and in America is causing major damage in the eyes of the international court of public opinion.

There is no doubt that boycotts, divestments, sanctions, and outright military confrontation are on the way. How tragic that the real bad guys who have been spilling our blood for over a hundred years, well before any of the green line settlements even existed, are shown to be the victims of all this. How can we all collectively forget that the Arabs established the PLO terrorist group prior to the Six Day War in 1964 and thirty five years before that, without any provocation, butchered hundreds of innocent Jews in 1929. Lets also not forget all our innocent Jewish brothers and sisters who have been stabbed, shot at, and blown up all those years in between and after.

Once upon a time the very word “Settler” evoked bravery, sacrifice, and vision. Some of the early “settlements” included Petach Tikva (The opening of hope) and Rishon Letzion (The first for Zion). Today, these places are built up cities and have all kinds of people living there including some post Zionist anti settlers. Somehow it has been decided that these places are viewed by the enemy as kosher and that they are just after the land being occupied by the dirty thieving “settlers” known to the world as the West Bank.

To truly believe this in 2010, one needs to be either ignorant, delusional, or a blatant anti-Semite. You see, our enemies are so bold in their ambitions that they are not interested in keeping their plans a secret. Time and time again their leadership is quoted as saying that any peace agreement would only be a temporary ruse since their long term plan is to reclaim all the land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. Not that long ago, an Arab MK (who by the way is a democratically elected shekel earner) spoke about liberating the land where Tel Aviv University now stands, known as the pre-1948 village of Sheik Munis.

This is very uncomfortable and frustrating information for our great peace promoters. One would think it would at least cause most of them if not all of them to re-shift and reconsider their positions. Fear not of course, because instead of confronting the real enemy who has blood on their hands, it is instead our fellow Jews who are the ones being castigated and vilified.

We need to combat this lie and we will combat this lie. We need to work against the so called protectors of Zionism who have re-branded it as “Palestinianism”. We need to make it clear to our fellow Jews that in the end, we will either have sovereignty over them or they won’t stop until they have complete sovereignty over us. Let’s choose life and G-d’s people inside the Land of Israel.

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3 Responses to “We are all Settlers and most of us are Zionists”

Comment from rd
Time June 1, 2010 at 4:20 am

we are not settlers: we are the indigenous people of this land designated by the Creator to live here from before the beginning of time.

Comment from eliyahu enriquez
Time June 1, 2010 at 5:52 am



I wonder what would happen if burgeoning Jewish diasporic communities were to make their presence more pronounced in Arab neighborhoods in Israel. I mean, they are, when it comes to orientating olim, but I’m talking about Jews of Color defending Yesh’a for a change, instead of Ashkenasim, who are carrying the burden of world criticism, besides tilling the soil. Having B’nei Menashe and Chabashim, or even Overseas Workers from Asia and Africa, thwarting Arab incitement would take away the racist card that often fuels anti-Semitism. Although I appreciate philanthropic specs and Speilberg-esque documentaries of Ethiopian Jews and Kaifeng Jews making aliyah, I haven’t seen enough coverage of JoCs with chutzpah, once they are acclimated to Israeli life. I’m sure there is a remnant of Asian and African Israelis with exceptional muscle and brains worth noting. Were Jews of Color highlighted more in the struggle to settle Eretz Yisra’el, the world would think twice before opening their big mouths.

Comment from rd
Time June 1, 2010 at 8:47 am

it would be helpful to give an explanation of the root and definition of the word ‘settler’ in hebrew. as you know, in america, ‘settler’ connotes cowboys and white people who took the land from the indians. in israel, in hebrew, ‘settler’ has a different meaning. the english translation causes much misunderstanding.