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By Yishai - Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010
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Hey folks, sorry that I have not written for a while – I was away on reserve duty in the army. In any case, you probably know that I do a radio show on Israel National Radio. Well, I get a fair share of emails from throughout the world and I thought some of these might make for interesting reading for you. If you want to write to any of these folks, write the letter and send it to me, and I will forward your email to the right address. You are welcome to comment here as well and give advice, boos, or kudos, to the writers. Enjoy:


I’m flummoxed. I really don’t understand American Jews. I’m American-born, just so you know. But my brothers and sisters in the US – they just don’t seem to appreciate the gift that H-shem has given us, in this State of Israel.
I am coming into contact more and more with American Jews who are just so darn comfortable there. Raising families, building homes, building their future there. I don’t get it – I understand that not everyone is ready to hop on a NBN flight, but it’s the idea of them being so comfortable there that astounds me.
I want to get over these feelings of, well, anger and disgust, because I feel like my energy could be better utilized in trying to turn people on to what’s going on here and why they should be here. But I can’t get past the comfort. What do you suggest?

Shalom u’vracha,


subject: Shabbos – Your place or mine?
content: Yishai – On June 20, 2010, b’H, Atlanta, Georgia will have 5 fewer Jews because that is the day that I and my family are flying to Newark, NJ to catch our Nefesh b’Nefesh flight the next day to finally come home to Eretz Yisrael. We plan on renting an apartment in Efrat for the first year or two. So when can you, Malkah and your daughter come down and spend Shabbat with us as our guests in the Gush? I’m absolutely serious. Together we can drop in on Eve Harow. And some time before school year begins, when its convenient for you, I’d like to bring my family and come visit Beit El during the week. I hope that you’ll be able to show us around the area. And of course, I’d love to see the INR studios, from where so much of my inspiration has come.

L’Hitrahot, Dovid


Dear Yishai,

I listen to your show and appreciate your love of Israel and enthusiasm. I bought a plot of agricultural land in Zicharon Yaakov. I’m hoping that it will be zoned for residential builidng in the near future. In the meantime I planted one olive tree yesterday and would like to plant the second olive tree. As I understand it, it is a mitzvah to buy land in Israel, plant fruit trees (Vayikrah), and make olive oil (parasha tetzaveh) for the Beith HaMikdash. I think that planting the olive trees fulfills 2 mitzvot because the olive is a fruit and you cannot make olive oil without the olive tree. I would like to go again this coming Sunday (May 9), the 40th day of the Omer (Hod shebe Yesod) to plant the second tree. My friends who helped me get the irrigation system set up are not available again because of school and family demands. I could really use some help and I was wondering if you or any other radio host/ess would help me or if you know anyone who would help me. It’s in a stunning area with fresh country air and wild flowers in bloom. It’s a great opportunity to do a mitzvah, get to know the country, while getting a workout. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the Best, Rachel


Dear Yishai:

I listen to Arutz Sheva daily and find myself drawn to your views , I am so glad that you guys are around to talk the other side… From your conversations on the air I can only conclude that what frustrates you in Israel as in the rest of the world when it comes to our people also frustrates and taxes my common sense. I am living in Coral Springs Florida in the heart of the gulas I was born in Israel and moved here with my family at the age of eight, I have been back in Israel in the 70s but still dream of returning one day for good. My two older children attend High School in Israel one in Kfar Chabad in Beis Rifka and the other in Ohel Shlomo in Beer Sheva. We are a Chabad family and have made life choices based on Hashem and our love for Israel. The reason for my letter is two fold, I find myself in a struggle with my children in Israel one with the Chabad way ! And the other with not enough love of Israel from the religious prospective, here is what I mean. My daughter only sees life from Chabad and from a religious woman’s prospective which is great in these troubled times, but! She looks at Israel as just some Zionist place and that so blows my mind, Is the divide in Israel so great that like people like you are the minority? I do not place you on some soapbox but more on a basic healthy attitude about being a Jew today in Israel! Again is the divide so great between people! I do not mean the stupid attitude from the left thats obvious but the divide between the rest! This all comes to a head during Yom Haatzmuat……. Is it possible that the kids are just not being influenced by people like you ? Or is it a general demise of our people…. I want my kids to see the other side were would you suggest I begin? The world we live in is changing dramatically the fences are not as obvious…

Thank You for all your good work Shlomo

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