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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why the World Needs Jewish Princes

Click on pic for a seriously funny story

Europe. Think about it. All that wealth. All those castles and villas and fine cars and where does it all go? Into a culture of empty hedonism and post-colonial guilt. And the USA is just a more hardworking version of that.

The world needs Jewish princes. We need some Lord Shmuliks, some Count Kobis, some Lady Yaelis. I'm telling you, we need a decent-sized piece of real estate with some holes in the ground that ooze oil, and the world will be transformed. The location (location, location) we already have. But size matters too, what can you do. What we now call Israel is in truth just the northwestern province of our promised country.

Our princes won't galivant around the globe posing for pictures with hungry African kids. Our princes will be serious workers for Hashem, doing what needs to be done, taking care of business, in much the same way that the British colonial administrators of Victorian times, culled from the cream of the Oxford and Cambridge crop, took care of matters of empire. Only better, of course. And with less pomp and circumstance. One by one we will take down the dictators. The slaveholders. The drug lords.

We will come up with a system of mass transportation that does not involve .01% of the population dying in accidents every year and implement it worldwide. We will advise countries on the best system of governance for their nation. We will mediate between nations from a position of strength. We will hold interventions on an international level. We will lead by example. We will make good music. We will inject the world with Jewish energy and simchat chaim.

Mind you, when I say "princes" I don't necessarily mean the hereditary type. I just mean, think of a world in which Israel possesses true physical strength and wealth, on par with today's Germany and Japan, or maybe even the two combined. PLUS our other advantages: our brainpower, our creativity, our vitality, etc.. THAT - combined with a moral and just leadership - is a world nearing tikkun.



  • At 7:50 AM , Blogger Gil Ronen said...

    PS - I didn't mention the Temple, because that goes without saying.

  • At 4:07 PM , Blogger Malkah said...

    I think we once did all these things - advising governments, making good music, etc. The problem is, whenever we did too good of a job, we were suddenly suspect and booted (with thousands of coreligionists in tow) from the countries we were benefitting through our "princeliness".

    Now of course, you are right that time is ripe for a re-establishment of this nobility, or rather, an appropriate adaptation. It is time that our grandure come forth from our own land, making us TRULY princes, and not just lauded diplomats, doctors, etc. serving in foreign countries.


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