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Friday, October 22, 2004

Sometimes the Exile just seems to crawl along so slowly!!!

That is why we at Kumah came to the US with a loud message:

Neo-Zionism Targets American Jews

In an attempt to impassion the Jews of North America toward the Jewish destiny, Kumah, a grassroots, pro-Aliyah movement, has just wrapped up its Aliyah Revolution Tour 2004, aiming to inspire American Jews to come home to Israel. Kumah founder Yishai Fleisher and activist Zev Orenstein toured the East Coast, speaking to audiences in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Florida, in synagogues, homes, and colleges, about the future of Israel and the role of American Jews in the Jewish land.

On the road to Washington DC

At the Georgetown Jewish Student Assosiation with Jake, Justin, and Dan

While meeting with different groups considering Aliyah, Fleisher and Orenstein fielded questions on issues ranging from financial planning to finding the right community in Israel. Both stressed that the return of the Jewish people is the fulfillment of prophecies and the greatest project that the Jewish people have embarked upon in the last 2,000 years. They spoke passionately about studies showing that the majority of the Jewish people will soon live in the land of Israel. The speeches affirmed the Jewish ancestral connection to the land of Israel, the capacity of American Jews to improve the State of Israel, and the wonderful benefits of living a Jewish life in the Holy Land, in spite of the dangers.

At the home of Naftali and Michelle Strum in Park Heights, MD. Organized by Glenn and Gila Jasper

At Shaaray Tefilah Synagogue in North Miami Beach, FL coordinated by Yeshua Lede?, and sponsored by the Israel Committee of Shaaray Tefilah; Dr. Michael Goldstein and Dr. Mark Dennis

During the 3-week tour of America, Fleisher and Orenstein met with leaders of the Aliyah movement, handing out 2,000 pins with the message "Im Making Aliyah" and "Aliyah Revolution." They also distributed some 100 Matrix themed t-shirts sporting the slogan "Aliyah Revolution - It Has Begun," suggesting that Aliyah is the Jews' way out of the matrix of the Diaspora. The t-shirt utilizes the theme and appearance of the popular movie 'The Matrix' in which the hero, Neo, fights to free the human race from enslavement.

Yishai with Yeshua Ledee, a Kumah activist in North Miami Beach, and his kids.

For Kumah, the Aliyah Revolution is really about love - the love of Jewish people for one another. Fleisher told audiences: "When I asked my friends in Israel what I could bring them back from the US, they said how about a million Jews!' Now that?s love!"

In Monsey, the Aliyah Revolution is going wild!


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