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Sunday, October 10, 2004

'Please don't uproot that which was planted...'

Click HERE for an article I just wrote on the hilltop community of Givat HaRoeh.

Here is one of the better parts:

But Alex doesn't blame those with opposing viewpoints politically for the fracture within his people, but rather those remaining in the Diaspora out of preference. "I believe that the Jews choosing to remain in America are largely responsible for our lack of unity," he said. "Unity of our people doesn't mean we all have to think the same or agree on the issues, but it does mean we all have to return to the Land of Israel to fulfill our destiny. My father, whenever he goes back there to visit, he always tells people, 'if you would come here it would solve so many of the problems, not only metaphysically, but on paper.'"

True that. Emet. Selah!


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