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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Messianic complex

Sharon said today in the Knesset (from the JPost):

You are wonderful pioneers, builders of the land, settlers on barren soil, in rain and through winter, through all difficulties. However, you have one weakness ? you have developed among yourselves a messianic complex," he said.

"You must remember that there were days, before you were born or were only small children, when other people risked their lives day and night, worked and toiled, made sacrifices, and performed their tasks without a hint of a messianic complex. And I call on you today, my good friends from Gush Emunim, to perform your tasks with no less modesty than your predecessors, on other days and nights."

See, Jews, the problem with you is that after witnessing the near-destruction of our people, and then wintessing oppressed Jews from all over the world flow ("kaafikim banegev") into the homeland we had been severed from for 2000 years, fulfilling millenia-old prophesies every day, you thought we might be onto something big, something Messianic. What idiots you are.


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