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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hmmm, Dead Jews or Inconvenienced Arabs....It's a Tough One

Israel dismissed the assertions, saying the barrier was a necessary bulwark against suicide bombers and fell within the legal definition of self-defense. "Alongside the quality of life of Palestinians, we have to weigh the right to life for Israelis," Daniel Taub, an Israeli government legal adviser, said in an interview here. "And what we have to do is find the appropriate balance between the two."

Man, reading this kind of stuff in the history books, our kids are gonna demand to know how it was that we allowed our fellow Jews to sink to the 49th level of twisted priorities.

Miriam and I paid a little visit to the Apartheid Wall the other day. 'Apartheid' because it is the first official statement to the Arabs and the world that from here on in - the blood of Jews behind that wall is on sale - dirt cheap.

It is frustrating to be AS against the wall as the inconvenienced Jew killers but for a completely different reason. It almost seems like our clever PM guided the wall strait into the Hague to rally the troops behind a monstrously foolish - undemocratic implementation of what Oslo failed at: The Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria.

By the way, we noticed that there was already some digging next to the wall. All one really has to do is get a big ladder, dig with some other Shebab after school, or just toss your explosive vest right right over the fence to the newest Israeli-Arab Hamas recruit, to neutralize the stated effect of this 'Divider between Jew and Jew,' as Yishai calls it.


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